What We Do

Insurance Investigations


For foreign insurance companies investigation of insured events on the territory of the Russian Federation is associated with considerable difficulties related to considerable costs and high risks. This is particularly true for investigation of doubtful claims when an employee of claim settlement department tries "to get to the truth" from across the ocean. Having no experience of detective work in Russia, he inevitably makes serious mistakes, allows loss of evidence and alerts the offender.

Our detectives help clients to ensure the possibility of successful investigations on shady transactions. We provide our clients with extensive, independent and competent advice to help them minimize the risk from insurance frauds.

Tasks You are Facing

  • To ensure visit to accident site, inspection, walk around of the territory, apartments and organizations which windows are facing the site with the aim of establishing possible witnesses

  • To check the affected owner of the damaged property/the victim with using information registration systems for availability of any negative or other compromising information

  • To arrange for inspection of the complainant’s contacts during the period of the occurred incident, to verify information reported by the complainant in any way

  • To interview the complainant (in order to clarify the known and to establish any new circumstances of the occurred incident)

  • To carry out analysis of documentary materials of the insured event to identify the reasons for submitting an application about the committed crime to law enforcement agencies.

We Offer

  • Carrying out investigations on unjustified claims with issuance of a written opinion

  • Professional advice on planning of investigations and search for evidence on specific cases with signs of insurance fraud at the stage of claims settlement

  • Corporate training of employees of foreign insurance companies on insurance security issues in the Russian Federation