What We Do

Cyber Crime Investigations


Misuse of trademarks and other means of identification can lead to significant financial losses and threatens the reputation of the company. It is, therefore, extremely important to take timely and competent measures for identification, prevention, suppression and disclosure of crimes related to production of illegal software copies.

Issues You are Facing

  • To establish the seller of counterfeit goods, to find out its office address, the name of General Director

  • To receive documentary evidence of illegal software use from the company

  • To collect information in respect of a person or group of persons who sell goods or offer services via Internet

  • To carry out a physical inspection of evidence in the presence of a notary

  • To notify the person violating the rights of the copyright holder to use the trademark.

Our Solution

Расследование случаев
Электронного пиратства

What we Offer

During private investigation of illegal use of software, our detectives are able to quickly collect enough evidence to prove the facts of infringement of the customer’s intellectual property rights.

Operational detection of counterfeit software involves finding of such identification signs which do not require special equipment for their detection but allow to determine methods of counterfeit goods manufacture and obtain the opinion on the possibility of conducting of an expert research.

When planning this type of investigation, we consider three ways of identifying counterfeit goods which are conventionally divided into the signs of the first, second and third types.   

1. Primary characteristics include:

  • Verbal confession of the software vendor

  • No printed packaging or its gross forgery

  • Lack of information about the manufacturer on packaging

  • Recording of several copyright products, i.e. products belonging to different vendors and/or manufacturers, on one data storage device

  • Apparent incompliance of the existing physical P data storage device used by the official copyright holder with the product

  • Sources for program purchase/download are anonymous Internet sites distributing pirate software.

2.  Secondary characteristics of counterfeit software (universal password, instructions for modifying the software code, absence of Russian translation, indication of the author’s setting or installation) are defined during the test purchase and at review of the contents of physical data storage device on computer screen.

3.  Characteristics of the third type of counterfeit software are identified through analysis of electronic documents received from the computer of the alleged infringer when performing a test purchase.

As a result you will get

Upon completion of the private investigation, the detective sends a written report with attached documents and other evidence.