What We Do

Global assets search


Krioni® Bureau can locate bank accounts in countries around the Russia, and we specialize in asset searches as part of our due diligence for global clients. If you have a full name of an individual or business, along with some basic identifying information, Krioni Bureau can conduct a national search to identify all open bank accounts in the specific Russian region or territory. If you need to locate physical assets or property, our team can uncover local records in the country or jurisdiction where you'd like to search.

Our expert Russian investigators, as well as our contacts at government agencies and financial Russian institutions, enable us to uncover evidence of assets and bank accounts for clients.  Results are accurate and turnaround time is approximately 7 to 10 days. Searches can be of key importance in divorce and due diligence cases. Uncovering hidden bank accounts, property and assets helps our clients make informed decisions in legal matters, as well as personal and business relationships.  Whether you're a major law firm, a business trying to verify a partner's cash reserves, or an individual investor, we can help you find assets overseas.

In a divorce or lawsuit and need to verify assets on someone?

Litigation against an individual or company can be expensive, so the first step is usually to determine if the subject has assets to go after. In today's globalized economy, individuals and companies are hiding funds in the form of property and bank accounts around the Russia. Uncovering evidence of these assets is no easy task, and requires the skill of highly trained investigators.

Considering doing business with a new company or partner?

How do you know if a potential buyer has sufficient funds?  How do you know if a company in Moscow, Saint-Peterburg or Vladivostok truly has the funds to make the investment?  Is your boyfriend, wife or husband being honest about his or her assets and bank accounts?  Considering a merger or acquisition? Our background check investigations, due diligence and asset search services can help. Krioni Bureau offers the most reliable and accurate service to find and locate bank accounts and property in over Russian territories.  If you need to learn more about the assets of an individual or company, find out why more law firms choose Aleksandr Krioni Detective Bureau.