What We Do

Address verification service


At any stage of the proceedings a situation may arise as a result of intentional or unintentional action changes the address of the debtor organization or domicile of the defendant, and the bona fide party taken all reasonable steps for the determination of the debtor are unsuccessful.

Aleksandr Krioni Detective bureau offers enterprise customers practical help in finding the location address natural and legal persons. In addition, we can help to find the beneficiaries sought, whether companies, foundations or individuals.

Our customers can also take advantage of proof of address, as well as to receive the documents for submission to the court as documentary evidence.

To speed up the processing of your order, specify the complete and accurate name of the wanted, full date of birth in the format DD.MM.YY., as well as the city of the alleged search. In the case of incomplete or not precise data detective reserves the right not to accept an order for execution.

To render the highly effective and superior skip tracing services in Russia, kindly contact us for further assistance