What We Do

Law-enforcement agencies


Accelerating business development and expansion of globalization is inevitably accompanied by deterioration of crime situation and other complex situations, and this will happen more often. In this case, suspects often have citizenship in another country or belong to different legal systems. In addition, participating in pre-trial proceedings, the police are faced with time constraints and lack of qualified personnel.

Issues Facing You Today

  • It is necessary to establish identity of a citizen on the basis of invalid documents or their copies, or other indirect evidence

  • It is necessary to obtain information on foreign companies or organizations

  • You need to establish beneficiaries of a company

  • Investigators need to establish the actual owner of a website, email address, landline or mobile telephone number

  • Investigators are set a task to establish identity of the lessees of a residential or non-residential premises

  • It is necessary to find property of a company or a suspect

  • It is required to collect evidence of manufacture, storage or sale of counterfeit merchandise and other goods or services that are prohibited for civil circulation

We Offer

  • Participation as a witness detective in independent investigations at the stage of pre-trial investigation and in court

  • Collection of information on criminal and administrative cases

  • Testimonies

  • Appropriate notification of a defendant

  • Assistance with cross-examination

Advantages of Working with Us

  • Our agency has a rich track record of assistance of this kind, from introduction in a criminal group and notification of Russian citizens fugitives from foreign justice to the detectives’ testimony in court

  • We have detectives with extensive experience and deep knowledge in criminological and financial and economic spheres

  • Our agents are members of WAD, international network of private detectives working together as disputes arising know no boundaries. To solve the tasks set by interrogating officer, investigator, prosecutor or court, we will select those professionals that will exactly match the requirements of the situation wherever it occurs

  • We work under the confidentiality agreement and, therefore, bear full responsibility for our impeccable reputation

List of Services:

  • Verification of residential address - we offer to corporate customers practical assistance in search of individuals or legal entities

  • Search of debtor’s property

  • Employment Screening - we offer to corporate customers to check the candidate before hiring or transferring him to a top management position

  • Detective Audit - services of concealed audit of a Russian legal entity to verify its business reliability. We use author methods during the investigation

  • Investigation of episodes of counterfeit software use