What We Do

Company background checks


Citizens may obtain a preliminary assessment of Business Reliability of the employer’s company.

In activities aimed at check of private companies our detectives are guided by the method of A. Krioni. This method is based on collection and verification of available information and information hidden from the eyes of concerned person.

A. Krioni’s approach have been used for more than seven years by private detectives of the office and is a new advanced method in the field of quantitative and qualitative research of the system of detecting the risks of non-performance of a business partner’s business obligations; it includes the use of a number of signalling indicators assessing open and closed actual information about the economic activity of the contracting party which is compared to external data obtained during undercover investigations, allows to conduct comparative analysis and make predictions regarding favourable outcome of a commercial transaction in an extra-short-term period.

What you will get

  • You will better know your future employer

  • You will be able to foresee the prospects of your future career

  • You will understand the employer’s seriousness in its bearing responsibility under an employment contract

  • By agreement with the client and for a more objective analysis, the detectives personally visit the company under investigation.

Consent of Russian legal entities for provision of non-proprietary information is not required