What We Do

Private prosecution for individuals


In practice, situations are quite often when in private prosecution an investigator or an interrogating officer expansively interprets the concept of sufficient data indicating signs of a crime (part 2 of Article 140 of Code of Criminal Procedure of the Russian Federation). And this often leads to the fact that criminal proceedings may be instituted due to active position and unconquerable will of the lawyer, or upon finding of the complainant (in cases of missing persons).

It is obvious that the reason for ineffectiveness of this remedy for a citizen is its formal declarative nature not allowing the complainant to collect necessary evidence. Thus, access to justice is already closed as early as the stage of preliminary investigation.

We offer to assign collection of information about your case to professional detectives. Investigators will promptly collect all the necessary information, in particular, they will be able to establish eyewitnesses of the crime, location of objects and documents, will carry out inspection and photographing of evidence which can be attached to as evidence to case files both in criminal and civil proceedings.