Detective Comics

Salt and Ice

Depositphotos_86324712_s-2015.jpgIt happened in the late '70s in USSR. - “Watch out!” almost shouted the driver as he saw detective Kronin to jump from a long-distance bus on the icy asphalt. - “I am here!!!” 

An Insurance Fraud

Копия Depositphotos_93266612_s-2015.jpg An insurance company asked detective Kronin to investigate an accident. The victim, an owner of a white Volvo car, said that the accident was caused

A Hapless Fraud

Копия Depositphotos_83429444_s-2015.jpg- “Now, stop bothering me! I'm in a hurry!” - exclaimed a woman out of a car window throwing her unlit cigarette towards the private detective Kronin ...

Who Stole the Necklace?

Depositphotos_91464934_s-2015.jpgOn behalf of his client, private detective Kronin dropped in a nightclub at a railway station. He needed to question the visitors of [...]»

A Highway Murder

Детектив КронинDetective Gregoria slammed on the brakes so abruptly that her Russian workfellow Kronin could have crashed into the windshield had he not been belted in. The reason was a terrible sight[...]»

Do Not Lie to a Detective

Детектив Кронин On the way back to his office, detective Kronin's eye was caught by a crowd of onlookers, including representatives of the landlord