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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help you find smarter, more efficient ways of addressing familiar business challenges by integrating information[...]


Official Name and logo

The Organization's official name is «The Krioni, Inc». The official abbreviation of an detective agency «Krioni» stands for[...]


Code of Conduct for Private Investigators

Our Code of Conduct for the provision of Investigatory Services, drawn up using existing Codes of Conduct and Ethics is as follows:[...]



In private investigations we guide by international laws, local law, and corporate instructions developed based on personal practical experiences, reasonable discretion and relevant necessity of similar cases[...]


Official copies of documents of title

Compliance certificate on the major “Patent Law Objects Research”; Private detective license; Certificate on making entry into EGRIP (Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs); INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) certificate[...]

License for private detective practice nr. 3392 [2003 - 2018]
License for detective practice nr. 11108 is issued on March., 2018, by the decision of the The National Guard of the Russian Federation, valid until March., 2023
License for private detective practice nr. 3392 [2008 - 2013]


Case Studies

Participation in the pre-trial investigator checking

Depositphotos_5612503_s-2015.jpgA few years ago, I have experienced the pre-trial procedure for checking the prosecutor's office initiated the United States against an American company, which is suspected[...]