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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to help you find smarter, more efficient ways of addressing familiar business challenges by[...]


Official Name and logo

The Organization's official name is «The Krioni, Inc»[...]


Code of Conduct for Private Investigators

Our Code of Conduct for the provision of Investigatory Services, drawn up using existing Codes of Conduct and Ethics is as follows:[...]



In private investigations we guide by international laws, local law, and corporate instructions developed based on personal practical experiences, reasonable discretion and relevant necessity of similar cases[...]


Official copies of documents of title

Compliance certificate on the major “Patent Law Objects Research”; Private detective license; Certificate on making entry into EGRIP (Unified State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs); INN (Taxpayer Identification Number) certificate[...]

License for private detective practice nr. 3392 [2003 - 2018]
License for detective practice nr. 11108
License for private detective practice nr. 3392 [2008 - 2013]


Case Studies

Participation in the pre-trial investigator checking

Depositphotos_5612503_s-2015.jpgA few years ago, I have experienced the pre-trial procedure for checking the prosecutor's office initiated the United States against an American company, which is suspected[...]