What We Do

Due diligence

Entering into any new business relationship involves risk. You need to be certain that you won’t run into any problems or risks that could [...]


Foreign Cooperation

We work in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers in Geneva and are official partners and suppliers of security services [...]


Investigative Services

In the most complex litigation procedure is the problem of proof. Our Detectives in close cooperation notary services workers carry out all necessary measures to [...]


Market Research

Private Corporate Investigation Agency Services delivers accurate and relevant measurements in the areas of competitive product intelligence, new product development, employee sales [...]


Rating Division

The history of calculation of the Index of Business Reliability (IBR) from K... originates from introducing into scientific and business practice of related concepts - [...]


Securing of Execution of a Deals

Our services cover all aspects of a transaction, from pre-deal preparations through to post-deal issues. We can help ensure that your treaty goes as [...]


Case Studies
Detective Audit

The Detective Audit - audit and search system app is for planning and organizing private investigations into the economic activities of legal entities registered in the Russian Federation.

Kid's Zone

Salt and Ice

Depositphotos_86324712_s-2015.jpgIt happened in the late '70s in USSR. - “Watch out!” almost shouted the driver as he saw detective Kronin to jump from a long-distance bus on the icy asphalt. - “I am here!!!” 

An Insurance Fraud

Копия Depositphotos_93266612_s-2015.jpg An insurance company asked detective Kronin to investigate an accident. The victim, an owner of a white Volvo car, said that the accident was caused

A Hapless Fraud

Копия Depositphotos_83429444_s-2015.jpg- “Now, stop bothering me! I'm in a hurry!” - exclaimed a woman out of a car window throwing her unlit cigarette towards the private detective Kronin ...

Who Stole the Necklace?

Depositphotos_91464934_s-2015.jpgOn behalf of his client, private detective Kronin dropped in a nightclub at a railway station. He needed to question the visitors of