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The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) is the world's largest anti-fraud organization and premier provider of anti-fraud training and education
A worldwide network of investigators and security consultants specializing in law enforcement, investigations, intelligence, and private security
Полный спектр услуг как в области комплексного обеспечения безопасности предприятий любого масштаба и рода деятельности, так и в рамках проведения отдельных охранных мероприятий Оценка рисков, выявление негативной информации, достоверности предоставленных данных
Все виды нотариальных услуг, Нотариальное обеспечение доазательств
Our global community of 35,000 security professionals represents all aspects of security from business continuity and risk management to insider threats and active shooter incidents to IT security and cybercrime Find out about W.A.D.'s history and long tradition of promoting and maintaining the highest ethical practices in the profession, fostering and perpetuating a spirit of cooperation among our members and allied organizations «Палехский иконостас» — это более двухсот созданных иконостасов, множество росписей храмов по всей России и за рубежом. Сто пятьдесят сотрудников: иконописцев и архитекторов, резчиков и позолотчиков, технологов и столяров. Три производственных цеха, занимающих более 5000 квадратных метров. Масштабное производство и четко работающий, слаженный коллектив позволяют качественно выполнять большие и малые проекты
REASSURE ADVISORY DWC LLC is a management consultancy firm and providing various kind of management business solutions Sunset Blvd. Investigations, Inc. (SBI) is a privately owned and licensed investigative firm based in downtown Los Angeles. SBI's founders, Steve and Randy, come from diverse backgrounds of expertise that contribute to their effectiveness as private investigators. Combining their extensive history, they have 80 years of experience, with over half of that time spent as law enforcement officers UNITEL has provided highly confidential investigative and security services worldwide to multi-national corporations, law, accounting and insurance firms.