What we do

Investigative Services

In the most complex litigation procedure is the problem of proof. Our Detectives in close cooperation notary services workers carry out all necessary measures to

Due diligence

Entering into any new business relationship involves risk. You need to be certain that you won’t run into any problems or risks that could [...]


Foreign Cooperation

We work in accordance with the Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Providers in Geneva and are official partners and suppliers of security services [...]


Market Research

Private Corporate Investigation Agency Services delivers accurate and relevant measurements in the areas of competitive product intelligence, new product development, employee sales [...]


Patent Examination

The trademark experts of Private Corporate Investigation Agency Services help foregn clients develop intellectual property protection and enforcement strategies [...]


Rating Division

The history of calculation of the Index of Business Reliability (IBR) from K... originates from introducing into scientific and business practice of related concepts - [...]


Securing of Execution of a Deals

Our services cover all aspects of a transaction, from pre-deal preparations through to post-deal issues. We can help ensure that your treaty goes as [...]