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Employment Screening


In any business, successful development relies on the input of every single employee, and nowhere is this felt more than in a private company. For these businesses, employment screening is critical, in particular they need to develop an HR strategy that:

Our Method’s

The method of performing analysis of Krioni index business reliability (KIBR)™ for person is oriented to a maximum coverage of various financial and non-financial aspects of its activity on the basis of available information. The assessment also includes an evaluation of industry risks and risks related to the country and the region. The assessment is performed in accordance with the Krioni standard procedures, which have been specially developed by the investigators.


Results of Krioni index KIBR™ which are transformed to the clients:

  • A short commentary on the factors of Business Security risk, linked to the entrepreneur under consideration, the type of its activity and branch in general;
  • An opinion about Krioni index. It is an opinion about a possible value of the KIBR. This opinion gives a preliminary assessment of the Business Security risk level.

The Krioni corporation multilingual and global team of private investigators have worldwide locations and ensure a full understanding of your information landscape, business culture and legal situation, all of which provide in-depth analysis to uncover potential risks. With our experience in providing research and analysis on the backgrounds of individuals globally since 2006, Index Business Reliability for Person is an ideal service to protect your business.

What we offer

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