Personal Investigations

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Private Corporate Investigation Agency Services has transformed the entire face of private investigations and intelligence services. Our Licensed private investigators in Moscow are working in this organization have expertise and experience to monitor and analyze the financial background of all corporate and maneuver all conditions in highly organized manner. 

Our consistent performers are truly realistic in upgrading the level of all investigative services and endeavored to provide higher rank in investigation industry. Now, Russian entrepreneurs and companies have recognized the Krioni, Inc. as unique source to eliminate enlarged risks through effective investigation processes.

The founder and CEO of this organization is Mr. Aleх K[..], who started his career as an investigator in year 2oo2 to get the access of business reliability index on Russian companies and entrepreneurs and now by virtue of his huge experience and capabilities, he is commanding this organization and giving superior supports and advices to the staff working under him. Today, this organization has been renowned group for providing investigative and intelligence services in all the region of Russia. 

During his tenure as an investigator, he competently investigated and resolved numerous difficult and messy jurisdictional cases which involved many frauds, harassments, embezzlement, employee misfeasance, insurance frauds, civil liabilities & litigations and business issues. 

This licensed Russia private investigator worked with many high level companies to streamline their methodology to analyze and counteract the risks of bankruptcy and generated the effective ideology to continue the analysis on business reliabilities to increase revenues.

He has been the active member of many reputed international associations and organizations which are universally ruling private investigations processes and laying standard operating procedures for emerging agencies.

We aim to promote and progress our due diligence and private investigation services for the absolute protection and safety of all corporate and business from improbable risks of corruption and frauds. All query are entertained discreetly with good understanding and confidence.