What We Do

Brand Protection & Intellectual Property


We provide professional help to patent attorneys to protect intellectual property rights of their clients.

In the investigation of facts of illegal use of intellectual property rights and means of identification, our detectives are able to collect enough evidence to prove violations of the customer’s rights.

Issues You are Facing

  • To identify the real name and address of the company; to obtain general information about the organizers, principles of work, to find out information about the financial position, to check the possibility for test purchase

  • To collect information about persons and organizations exercising direct or indirect control of the organization

  • To check whether the company sells a certain product, to collect all evidence of such use, to make a test purchase, to collect leaflets and other evidence of trademark use, to find out contact details of the company management

  • To identify the goods seller, to check its legal and actual addresses, to find out the full name of General Director; to receive from the company business unit any documentary evidence (brochures, price lists with the company seal, other documentary evidence with pictures of equipment) of sales on the Russian market of goods with marks similar to the overall appearance of product of the rights holder

  • To collect evidence of use by the company of a certain trademark, invention on the basis of the known number of the certificate

  • To collect information in respect of a person or group of persons who sell goods or offer services via Internet

  • To carry out physical inspection of evidence in the presence of a notary

  • To notify the person violating the rights of the copyright holder to use the trademark

We offer the following kinds of investigations

  • Collecting information about companies, firms, enterprises, including foreign organizations

  • Carrying out private investigations on collecting and receipt of information regarding goods sold on the Russian market

  • Establishing whether the trademark was used in the past three years in Russia

  • Finding out the details about the domestic manufacturer of a certain product which used these words before the specified date in the name of the manufactured products

  • Identifying persons who offer for sale goods with patented mechanism, finding the place of manufacture and the finished products warehouse, making a test purchase, collecting documents confirming sale of goods

  • Collecting information regarding persons offering counterfeit products using a website and regarding the sources of counterfeit products

  • Establishing the identity and contacts of the domain name owner

  • Making test purchase of goods or services on the website which violates copyright or trademark rights

  • Carrying out inspection of items (signs, posters, etc.) or review of information displayed on the screen, such as ATM or monitor

As a result, you will get:

  • Upon completion of a private investigation, the private detective delivers to the patent attorney a written report with attached documents and other evidence