An Insurance Fraud

An Insurance Fraud

An insurance company asked detective Kronin to investigate an accident. The victim, an owner of a white Volvo car, said that the accident was caused by a trailer left carelessly on the roadside.

“At 10:35 PM, having finished my workout I got into the car and started the engine. However, I did not go off at once because I received an urgent phone call from a friend.”
- “How long did you speak to your friend?” - interrupted detective Kronin.
- “We were discussing the upcoming ski trial. We had to agree on the time and place to gather. Not less than three minutes overall. I remember it exactly because I forgot to turn on the heater and felt somewhat cold.”

- “Very well, go on, please,” nodded the detective.

- “The road was empty and the asphalt was clean. Having noticed that the traffic light remained green for a long time, I pressed the accelerator a little harder than usual and tried to make it before the light turned red. As I approached the crossing, I saw a rusty iron pipe protruding from the trailer parked on the roadside but it was too late. The rest you already know. The right mirror was broken and the passenger door damaged. I strongly urge you to assure the insurance company that there is no fault of mine. After all, the owner of the trailer had to mark the oversized load. In addition, how will I explain to my wife (she is coming back from a visit to her parents) how her car was damaged?

- “I understand, Sergey, why you are afraid of your wife so much. You have damaged the car under far different circumstances that do not entitle you to compensation for damage. So, you are trying to mislead me by accusing the owner of the trailer. It would be much better if you just tell the insurance commissioner, how it actually happened.”


Why did detective Kronin refuse to believe the Volvo driver?