Inspection of premises with the consent of their owners

Inspection of premises with the consent of their owners

During the investigation of cases of so-called "business reliability" Detective should establish a list of employees and their contacts. The value of such information will not say much. Suffice it to note that the data on the number of employees, will allow the detective to determine the size of the enterprise (micro, small, medium, large). It will help build the structural organization of the company. In general, without the knowledge of the workers of their skills and contacts can not be credibly claim - with ephemeral or acting now have to deal with our customers.

The main issue, which puts into a stupor "competitive intelligence" is in compliance with the law of receipt of such information. In their opinion, to obtain information on the organizational unit staffing company is only possible for "competent" authorities and via the Internet. In a second embodiment there is no objection, is that the relevance and completeness of the information obtained in this way does not meet adequately the requirements of objectivity and completeness. For option "1", in my opinion, we should not be distracted at all, since "legalize" such securities will not work due to improper source.

So, the main source for obtaining information about the organizational structure of the company is the office "villain." Number of rooms, chairs, tables, computers - everything goes in our favor. If you are lucky, then, as a rule, in the workplace Secretary detective manages to find a pile of papers, among them: the account of the customer with the details, certificates, as well as a reminder ... the names and contacts of key employees of the company (in the photo attached to the list of employees monitor the company secretary).

From a legal point of view, the detective did not violate: Images are opened for the camera, and the documents provided to the Review of Accounting at will; the room is a detective with the permission of the owner; obtained evidence (photographs) will be used only detective for the report, with photos of the customer will not be available.

Some wonder about the possibilities and ways to find out a list of key customers, and the remnants of the goods in warehouses. Usually the room sales manager or accountant is an open cabinet with shelves filled with stationery folders. The spine of each folder is labeled with the names of the key customers of the company. And the remnants of the goods in stock secretary or accountant can print from your computer, again, at the kind request of a detective.