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About strangeness pricing or why fake packaging herculean porridge

I want to tell an interesting case. Once the customer has addressed with the request to find the underground mini-plants for production of counterfeit cereals. The fact is that some time ago the markets of the southern regions of our country in the sale there were boxes of grains in appearance very reminiscent of the packaging of the customer. The organization indicated on the package, contact the manufacturer - not valid.

I asked the seller. - You spent at least a comparative analysis of counterfeit cereals and one that produce yourself?

Answer. - This is not necessary, because we are not manufacturers, we buy cereals from the wholesaler, and then fasuem it under its own brand and sell.

Excellent - I say - then you and "kontrafaktchik" buy cereals at one and the same person, and the only difference is that kontrafaktchik used packaging similar to yours?

Yes, - he answered - this is the case. We buy barley from the wholesaler to 19 rubles per 20 kg bag. At its plant in fasuem cereal cartons of 350 grams and sell the finished product at 20 rubles.

Note - the customer a very large and well-known Soviet-era factory. I never thought that this "domestic producer" as build production. After all, if we go to the store and buy a domestic product, does not want to buy Chinese or Vietnamese porridge. And it turns out that buy and overpay for packaging 6,000% !!!!!

As a result, we agreed with the customer about finding packaging producer. And for myself once again found confirmation of the popular belief that everything that makes a profit less than 1,000% - not a business.

October 21. 2014
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