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Identification of Refugees’ Documents


The European Union has adopted a whole range of directives that set minimum standards for persons who seek refuge related to their accommodation, ensuring rights and freedoms as long as they are in the country without any status waiting for decision in relation to their future.

During the procedure of getting a residence permit, the applicants for the status can present false documents or incorrect information. Such actions of foreign nationals and criminal offences and cause significant damage to the host party as they lead to increase of the number of thefts, robberies, blackmailing and nationality conflicts.

Thereat, material costs increase manifold in case if after receiving a refugee status, residence permits will be granted not only to the foreigner being the offender but to all his family members.

We offer services on identification of documents of persons - citizens of the former Soviet Union. In case of timely detection of any signs of forgery, the host party will be able not only to save costs of the provision of a residence permit but will exclude the future occurrence of more complex situations which may require involvement of the police, the frontier guards or internal security agency.