What We Do

Criminal Background Check


White-collar crime poses a real and substantial threat to the stability of any business. It is therefore essential to take appropriate measures to prevent offenses and rapidly respond to illegal activities. Fraud and misappropriation of all types of assets — from intellectual property to facilities — can lead to significant financial losses. 

One way to reduce the risk of committing corporate offences is timely checking the criminal history of the company employees. Our detectives will help you to check information about the facts of criminal and administrative penalties which, in its turn, will help to prevent and to detect possible offences.

Issues facing you today

  • You should check criminal history of a new employee before his appointment to a managerial position

  • You would like to understand whether an employee was not previously convicted for crimes in the economic sphere

  • You need an independent and objective assessment of possible causes of abusive leadership practice

We Offer

  • Review and analysis of information on criminal and administrative offences of the company employees

  • Revealing the cases of concealed conflicts of interest and relationships that are contrary to business ethics. Such inspections are carried out in respect of offences at all levels — from dispatch department to the Board of Directors

  • Analysis of employee relations with companies which activities are recognized by the court as financially insolvent

Advantages of Working with Us

  • Provision of data is carried out in accordance with requirements of Articles 7, 8, 19, 21 of the Federal Law No. 262-FZ dated December 22, 2008 “On Providing Access to Information on Activities of Courts in the Russian Federation”; Article 3 of the Law dated March 11, 1992 “On Private Detective and Security Activity in the Russian Federation”

  • Search of data about offences is carried out in all instances of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation on pending cases and cases considered in the past

  • Our detectives, secretly using author methods, interview close associates of the employee. Such measures will enable the Board of Directors and executives to find out hidden circumstances of the offence as well as to have more complete personal characteristics of a candidate for a new position

  • You are protecting the brand image and personal reputation of senior management and the Board of Directors

  • You increase the “transparency” of your company and thereby make it more attractive to investors

  • You strengthen the system of internal controls over the company assets

  • You increase the level of corporate culture and business ethics