The case on a snowy highway

The case on a snowy highway

The plaintiff, Ski resort, was injured as a result of a collision with a service hatch cover snowmaking system. Luke was in close proximity to the edge of the track (0.5-1 meters) and was not fenced off anything. The plaintiff was driving on the road, could not keep his balance and fall when entered for this hatch. As a result, he received a severe injury.

By the time of access to a lawyer plaintiff he had two operations. The recovery period could be about a year, and with probability remain disabled. At the hearing the defendant's representative, quite unexpectedly he declared that snow-making system does not use. The defendant added that such a system does not make sense to use it, as the slope of the snow is rented all year round, and of excellent quality.

Defender, using a break in the hearing, hurried to the detective, to get the data from it to refute the defendant's explanation, because if it were proven, the picture scene has changed dramatically for the better would be for his client.

However, the detective found out not only that the defendant speaks the truth, but was able to discover the true cause of the injury received by the plaintiff. Approximately 6 hours before the time specified in the explanation near the ski slope plaintiff on the fault I committed an accident.

It is easy to imagine the difficult situation in which turned out to be the defender, who in the middle of the court hearing the owner of the "new circumstances". Obviously, if the lawyer instructed the detective to conduct a preliminary investigation on the private stage before committing themselves to order, the result would have been different.