The fact of attribution MB Khodorkovsky and PL Lebedev Sentencing

The fact of attribution MB Khodorkovsky and PL Lebedev Sentencing

Recall that in March 2011 the media hotly debated topic of authorship Sentencing MB Khodorkovsky and PL Lebedev.

Any normative document should contain the details to enable it to identify the author, ie, signature and seal. The above-mentioned rule applies primarily to the paper. But submitted to Ferris public verdict is not a paper and electronic document. Electronic document, unlike the paper contains a number of additional features that are sure to occur by virtue of its strong link with the program or computer that the author used to create and save the disputed document.

For example, if a document has been prepared in the program Microsoft Word, then in the "Properties" section of the "File" menu the user can see the details of its instrument of interest, such as the creation date, name of the author of the document, the name of the document.

Thus, by comparing the name of the author of an electronic document with the user name of the program or a computer with the help of which the document was created, anyone can indirectly to assert whether the author of an electronic document and author of its paper version.

To conduct private investigation to establish the authorship of the disputed Sentencing we used two documents posted on the site of the press center of Mikhail Khodorkovsky and Platon Lebedev.

The following table presents the results of a comparative study:


From the analysis of the table should be:

  1. The author of the judgments and decisions is one and the same person.

  2. As the author of two electronic documents is the same person, and the author of the Resolution it is not disputed that judgment MB Khodorkovsky and PL Lebedev has been prepared on the computer Khamovniki Court Chairman Viktor Danilkin.