Private special operation 01.15.15

Private special operation 01.15.15

In late 2014, many of you are wondering about what is happening around the sentence to Alexey Navalny? What it all means: early announcement of the court decision, a gamble with your site <>, attempt to bribe Leonid Parfyonov and Leah Akhedzhakova? What are the goals from Alexei Bozhenova political provocateur and in general, who is this man? (Of course, if it really exists).

In the archives of the network can still find traces of the Site A. Bozhenova <> with a form to collect signatures in support of a conviction Navalny and forged video calls Leonid Parfyonov and Leah Akhedzhakova. However, a great value for the purposes of our investigation is not a copy of a site, and archive information of the owner of a domain name that was available for public viewing until the administrator has not yet connected the paid service privacy protection.

So, if you rely on the archive service WhoIs, the primary data administrator looked like this:


I climb *** floor apartment № ***. If you believe the information service WhoIs, this is where the apartment is located a man named Bozhenov Alexei Ivan'ovich. The plate with the number of the apartment on the ground. After the bell on the door of an elderly man out. "Hello, this does not live here," - he says. We were ready for such an answer, because none of the neighbors on the porch could not remember any of Alexei Ivan Bozhenova.

This is normal: the provocateurs as leaders crooks or ephemeral, often elusive and invisible. They can not catch at registration, they do not have phones and their email regularly sends the beat of a crowded mailbox.

A little time spent frustrated, but retaining determination, we set out to still establish the identity of the one who hides behind the shadow of Alexei Ivanovich Bozhenova provocateur. 

For the answer to this question must be addressed again in the database Whois. Our attention attracted a site <> which, as it turned out, was registered on the same day to the site <>, but later nine hours. Judging by the text and images can definitely be attributed to its owner's opposition leader Alexei Navalny supporters. Unlike A.Bozhenova this man does not hide his name and address. According to the company AGAVA Software, a domain administrator <> is a Romantsov Vladislav, a resident of Fryazino, Moskovskaya obl.

Picture site link <> and <> would be incomplete without a comparison. So, in summary form the comparison of domain names registration information <> and <> can be represented in a table №1.

Table 1. The registration information domain administrator <> and <>


As follows from the comparative analysis in Table 1 was first registered the domain <>. Then, after about 9 hours, was registered to another domain - <>. At the same time, looking at the style of writing is the impression that the registration data edited by the same person.

Individual attention, e-mail addresses, which obviously were selected on the same principle. Please (to a point), there is a reduction of the first letter of the name and surname of the owner of email, and the word «Russia».

In general, one can only guess how such a magical way A.Bozhenov could foresee that the future owner of the domain <> wrote in his personal office by 9:00.

January 18. 2015