Unsuccessful raider seizure

Unsuccessful raider seizure

The owner of "Metal Constructions" in secret from management of the company founders has renewed itself. The already former one of the founders of the company questioned the legality of the "deal" and therefore asked for a lawyer to help. Before you declare the relevant civil suit, the attorney appealed to the private detective with the request to find a new office of "Metal Constructions", interviewed the founders of the company, to collect specimen signatures of the founders and seal (if possible of course). 

The report detective lawyer became clear that although the firm and leads sluggish economic activity, according to its address is the other company. As it turned out in reality, the founders quite presumptuous parted with the company immediately after its registration.

On the basis of documentary firms accessed quite freely, the information submitted by the sale of the company did not verify, Director-General presents his signature issue not studied, the process of liquidation of the company not follow. 

As a result of these and other shortcomings in the design of its powers founders and CEO allowed unscrupulous person to take as head of the company. In this situation, the lawyer, armed with the opinion of the expert detective reoriented position of "protecting" the owners of the enterprise with a corporate dispute in the criminal, given the necessary advice and won the case.

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