Test Purchase

Test Purchase

By request of the lawyer, the detective had to find an office and a warehouse of counterfeit seller, conduct a test purchase to assist operational staff in the carrying out of operatively-search actions for test purchase.

At the planning stage of the investigation it was established that the importer of counterfeit goods implemented through a large wholesale dealer network. As a security budget for the purchase of the check does not exceed 500 (five hundred), the detective had to solve two problems: 1) to persuade the offender to sign a dealership agreement and 2) twice to purchase a minimum batch of counterfeit goods.

For the first time as part of the verification of purchase, for the second time as part of the operational activities for the test purchase.

After the first inspection buying patent attorney instructed the detective purchased from the same offender empty packaging (box) out of the counterfeit goods with applied factory and custom markings.

Success in business was achieved only when the offender for the third time went to meet the detective and in the presence of a patent attorney, and two operatives again sold counterfeit.