Search address respondent

Search address respondent

The practice of proof in cases related to the search of the defendant in civil cases. 

A couple of months ago, I was instructed a lawyer to establish a home phone Moscow resident. Requests for information about the home phone subscribers for a lawyer were a waste of time, as MGTS refers to the Federal Law "On Communications" of 2003, prescribing the issuance of such information only with the written consent of the subscriber or at the request of the court. 

Since the lawyer's request the court rejected the request of MGTS, the lawyer said to me.

I proceed as follows. The Library of Lenin kept four-volume residential telephone Moscow residents as of 1972. I must say that this is the last edition, which listed phone numbers of inhabitants of Moscow. So, in this handbook was listed phone, next to which the name and address (no apartment number) coincides with the name and address of the defendant.

To consolidate the evidence I have made up three pages (cover sheet, sheet with an indication of the subscriber and the last leaf directory) and assured the three sheets in the office library. Based on these data, I received two letters of MGTS.

- The first letter of MGTS announced details of the latest open residential telephone directory Moscow. Given the letter information completely coincided with the details of the directory stored in the Lenin Library.

- In his second letter to MGTS he clarified rule to replace the first three digits of the phone. The fact that the numbering of ATS since 1972 repeatedly changed and modern rooms the first three digits is quite another. This fact has allowed me to "link" the phone number in the version of 1972 and its modern version.

Next, call the phone and found an oral examination by residents, who confirmed that the defendant in a civil case resides here.

As a result, the lawyer has received evidence which allowed it to build its line of conduct in court