A few years ago, I worked closely with a very charismatic lawyer. I must say that the lawyer did not take simple cases. And the line was built to protect it taking into ...">

Inspection of premises sensitive sites

Inspection of premises sensitive sites

A few years ago, I worked closely with a very charismatic lawyer. I must say that the lawyer did not take simple cases. And the line was built to protect it taking into account the fact that the defendant is innocent, period. And somehow the lawyer gave me an unusual assignment. 

There once was a bank. He has held two floors in a building somewhere near the center. And one summer day, it turns out that the bank a large sum of stolen cash. Moreover, it was not specifically about a certain amount, but the bags of money. According to the investigator, the manager of the bank, taking advantage of official position after the end of the store and opened one evening brought your own car about a dozen bags. 

Boldly? Yes. Stolen? Yes. Money found? No, just one bag in a hurry thrown over the fence of the bank! Could it make a convict? The court said yes because that saw the patrol, though not had time to really look at and hold. 

As is clear from the preamble, the manager has already been convicted, and the lawyer was thinking over the offer to appeal the verdict. 

In short, the lawyer gives me instructions - to come to the bank to make inspection and photographing the premises to get the plan and on this basis to draw a conclusion about the possibility of the removal of money from the bank. 

The first thing I did google and found all the organizations that rent premises in the same building near the office of the bank. They turned out to be not so much. I contacted neighbors in the office and asked for a meeting. Pass me have written real estate agency. I came to address. Saw 7-storey residential building Stalinist buildings. The building has six entrances and there is no hint of the presence of a credit institution. 

Before entering the real estate agent ran up to the 7th floor. The door to the attic was open. It is possible to assume that the attic in the house do not close at all, and thus suspect could go light in one entrance and exit with bags over another. In general, after taking the attic, I again went down. On the landing of the second floor had three doors. One seemed closed tightly. The second was a sign "travel agency". The third door is opened to plow in the hall hung house plan - Real Estate Agency - I thought. 

I went in, said hello, and exchanged business cards with the director. We began to talk about the case. I say, we (my company) need an office at the bank. Small and big already, but in the same area. If you have options, I will be grateful, etc.

And in response I hear. You are just in time. Just a year ago we closed the bank in the same house. I was there something like a caretaker. You want to show the room?

Entrance to the office of the former bank turned to the side of the building. The first thing I asked the caretaker permission to take photographs. I say that our leadership has decided to lease I need to make beautiful pictures. Steward smiled, agreed and then it started! We went around the room, without exception: the former reception desk, security room storage deposit boxes, executive offices and employees. Naturally, all the rooms photographed. That there was no doubt that the shooting was carried out with the consent of the owner of the room, trying to hit the shot the amiable look caretaker.

Particular emphasis is placed on the survey and inspection of the main premises of the bank - store! For the first time I saw what's inside the main bank safe, alarm system and a thick safe door.

Also, my attention was attracted three emergency exits, entrances. Near one of the exits hung classified roughly as follows: "Close the door. The code to enter on the part of the landing 4443".

Steward explained that smokers often went through the emergency exit for a smoke, involuntarily slammed the door and could not get back. And to go inside the office is necessary on the part of the corridor to dial the code 4443. 

That's all. 

Conclusion. As always appeared on the surface. One of the doors back door led to the landing of the third entrance. The criminal could not know that the door is always open. Security used to not respond. This means having access to the code repository offender after hours could open it, take the money and a few tricks to make it through the third entrance to the street. The task was simplified to a criminal lack of cameras in stairwells and on the outside of the house. As a result, the report with photographs provided a lawyer. Based on the findings and conclusions lawyer decided not to join the process.