Inattentive lawyer

Inattentive lawyer

As part of the divorce proceedings, the lawyer instructed the detective to find jointly acquired property is one of the spouses for subsequent section. The detective found that during the marriage the husband founded the company "ACK" with 100% of its participation.

After receiving information from the detective's lawyer hastened to declare an interim measure against the found property. Magistrate, before making a ruling on securing an action made the request to the tax office to confirm the information provided by the lawyer.

After 20 days, the court advised the lawyer that since the registration of the present time in the company "game" with the name of the founders of the defendant was not. It is easy to imagine with what indignation the lawyer filed a claim detective. Now, the defendant certainly aware of the intentions of the former spouse and do everything possible to prompt disposal of property with OOO.

No it turned out that this lawyer, who forgot about the ethics of aging and not enough elementary care. In his request for a lawyer providing not only does not have to be the list of BIN, and rearranged the letters in the title.

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