Cooperation with the police

Cooperation with the police

In one case, it was supposed to conduct questioning of persons illegally distributing equipment for program changes in slot machines. The use of these programs allow a person who has unrestricted access to the electronic gaming machine to reconfigure it so convenient way to end up with "player" is guaranteed would receive a large cash prize.

The tactical goal was achieved as a result of representations by the buyer counterfeit detective equipment. The meeting took place on the street in a car suspected. The conversation secretly recorded on audio and video media.

As a result of the purchase of the check samples were obtained counterfeit goods and proof of sale. So, Detective, performing instructed law enforcement officers who have successfully made the secret surveys and carried out test purchases of electronic devices for modification programs for video game machines.

Subsequently, by its decision investigator "legalized" the detective evidence obtained during the preliminary investigation, which formed the basis for the charges.

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