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Official Name and logo

Official name and abbreviations 

  • Until 2006, the Organization's official name is "Aleksandr Krioni Detective Bureau"
  • The official abbreviation «Krioni» stands for ‘Private Detective Aleksandr Krioni’. In Russian this is «Криони», which stands for «Частный детектив Александр Криони»
  • Our niche is: "No Use To Hide"

Official emblems

The Aleksandr Krioni Detective Bureau uses two emblems. Both have been used in parallel since 2011 after publication of the article by Alexander Krioni “Biblical History of Private Investigation” and consecration of an icon “Saint Apostle Peter” of the detective’s patron saint. The icon was painted in the icon-painting workshop “Palekh Iconostasis”

Emblem “Key and Sword of Saint Apostle Peter” consists of the following elements: 

  • An image of crossed key and sword against the background of a red shield

  • The key - symbol of the Apostle Peter – is crossed with a short Roman sword

  • The shield is painted red - the colour of the enemy’s first blood

Emblem “Saint Apostle Peter, Detective’s Patron Saint” consists of the following elements:  

  • Saint Apostle Peter is sitting near the fire in the centre of a circle. He holds the second Epistle in his hands, there is a Roman sword without a sheath on his belt

  • There is a fragment of the house of the high priest Ana behind the Apostle

  • There is a tree on the left - a symbol of the garden of Gethsemane

  • There are two inscriptions in the Russian and the English languages around the circle: “Кабинет детектива Александра Криони” and “Aleksandr Krioni Detective Bureau”

  • Inside the circle, at the bottom around the circle, there is a quote from the second Epistle of Saint Apostle Peter to the Evangelist Mark: “Doing good, suffering, endure” - 1 Peter 2.20