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Private special operation 01.15.15


In late 2014, many of you are wondering about what is happening around the sentence to Alexey Navalny? What it all means: early announcement of the court decision, a gamble with your site <navalny15.com>, attempt to bribe Leonid Parfyonov and Leah Akhedzhakova?


About the results of charity

Depositphotos_113035966_m-2015.jpgFourth in March 2011 at 22:00 on the website of "Echo of Moscow" in the "News" section was posted information about the non-receipt of children with cancer funds, the proceeds during the charity concert, held on 10 December 2010 at the Ice Palace, the St. Petersburg.


The fact of attribution MB Khodorkovsky and PL Lebedev Sentencing


Recall that in March 2011 the media hotly debated topic of authorship Sentencing MB Khodorkovsky and PL Lebedev. Any normative document should contain the details to enable it to identify the author, ie, signature and seal. The above-mentioned rule applies primarily to the paper.


Case Studies

Criminal proceedings were launched

коронки.jpgCriminal proceedings were launched for offences under article 147, paragraph 1 (infringement of invention or patent rights)[...]