Unmasking the imposter

Unmasking the imposter

I remember one episode of exposing a rogue - a man seemingly pleasant and educated, who undertook to send a paid German clinic on the money my client seriously ill young child. The amount that is needed to pay for the child's treatment, was not that high, but it has caused a reasonable desire of the client to check the facts before it.

Customer constantly turned to me for various tips related risks placing foreign investment. Over time, I made friends, I was honored to give him practical advice, and the case is proof of that. Fortunately, the detective thoroughly prepared for the questions, and when touched on the question of data that should have been known to the respondent, he stammered and think.

When I asked about the details of the terrain surrounding the clinic, doctors uniform color, the procedure of payment for services treating the source is not able to answer, and then soon able to establish that before the detective was not a heart volunteer. Considering this case from a number of emerging, I broke stories of scams and reminded him about his recent desire to equip two teams touring musical expensive audio equipment.

Cost of equipment "wonderful" way equal to the cost of treating a child. The story of the swindler was false, and he was forced to leave with nothing.

Case Studies

KRIONI detectives at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre

On 19 September 2019, the Skolkovo Innovation Centre hosted IP Academy, an international educational conference on intellectual property, where KRIONI detectives delivered a special workshop entitled “How IP agents and detectives collaborate to gather evidence and documentation on the illegal use of trademarks”.[...]