The investigation into the dispute between economic entities

The investigation into the dispute between economic entities

To the detective asked the landlord with a request to evict him from the premises owned by the tenant. The tenant does not let the landlord into the room, require the removal of the property does not perform. The bailiff to perform its functions in no hurry. Tenant in their actions strongly relied on the decision of the court, and then ignored all demands.

A detailed study of the circumstances of the detective found out that the rental unit is a hairdresser. Income, apparently was not high. Indoor hairdresser detective saw the ad, which indicated that the room is rented.

Acquainted with the director of the barbershop detective he offered to take this space for sublease. One of the conditions of the contract is a guarantee against claims of third parties. Rent for the first and last month, the detective introduced by the security deposit of the tenant.

After the payment detective on the right sub-tenant moved into the premises hairdresser's. The next day, the detective informed the landlord that says sublease not concluded because the revealed facts of claims of third parties, and put a claim indicating the refund.

I must say that the risk of default of money for rent is taken into account early, as was noted in a special paragraph of the contract the provision of detective services. Because the client detective Get full access to its premises, our contract with him has been executed.