Red Line

Red Line

During the private investigation in order to determine whether to continue to sell counterfeit offender construction helmets, Detective proceed as follows.

After the signing of a framework contract of sale detective and manager have jointly drawing up an application for the wholesale purchase of goods of interest. The list of applications contained a large number of items of goods, among which means counterfeit.

When preparing the invoice manager checked each item of goods to his stock. In the process of reconciling the positions revealed that when you type in the search box the name of the counterfeit, the base gives a null value, and the field itself search turns red.

As a result, the manager said that this position is no stock on hand and the company is no longer produced. The matter has not been considered in court.
Case Studies

KRIONI detectives at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre

On 19 September 2019, the Skolkovo Innovation Centre hosted IP Academy, an international educational conference on intellectual property, where KRIONI detectives delivered a special workshop entitled “How IP agents and detectives collaborate to gather evidence and documentation on the illegal use of trademarks”.[...]