KRIONI® – Now a registered trademark

KRIONI® – Now a registered trademark

KRIONI (the office of private investigator Alexander Krioni) is pleased to announce that krioni® is now a registered trademark.

We have been developing successfully as an organization for some 22 years, and today operate with integrity in both the Russian and international private investigative services markets. Not long ago, on a day that miraculously coincided with the birthday of KRIONI’s founder, we received official confirmation from the Russian Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent) that krioni® is now a registered trademark (registration certificate number 743657, see fig.1).

 KRIONI (the office of private investigator Alexander Krioni) is pleased to announce that krioni® is now a registered trademark
Why did the office spend nearly 20 years completing the labour-intensive trademark registration process?

Firstly, from the very beginning, we have on occasion encountered less-than-scrupulous entrepreneurs and other citizens who have attempted to use our name for a variety of purposes. Even now, there are several websites openly using our name. This name is now a registered trademark, and, under Art. 1484 of the Russian Civil Code, “No one has the right to use, without the permission of the rightholder, indications similar to his trademark with respect to the goods for the individualization of which the trademark was registered or goods of the same type, if as the result of such use a likelihood of confusion will arise.” We therefore intend to contact organizations of this kind in the near future to inform them that their use of our trademark will not be tolerated.

Secondly, a new section of our website will shortly be unveiled where you will be able to order KRIONI sunglasses, various items of KRIONI-branded office supplies, Alexander Krioni wristwatches, and even a bespoke tailored KRIONI men’s suit.

By providing our services under our own brand, we very much hope to reassure clients whose trust in us may have been affected by previous acts of imitation, and to communicate that we intend to continue in the same spirit. We are also offering all interested colleagues the opportunity to participate in a link hosting partnership for mutual brand development and promotion.

If you have any questions, please contact us by email at or by phone on +7 (495) 799-57-99.