Interaction with the foreign insurance company

Interaction with the foreign insurance company

Once I was approached by a foreign insurance company here with such request. A citizen of Russia went to another country, apparently to relocate. Here he insured his life for about one million dollars. Shortly after his return to Moscow, he died suddenly. His close relative - a widow - on the basis of the policy applied to the insurance company for compensation. Before you perform the obligations under the contract of insurance company requested the detective to gather information and documents that would shed light on the following questions:
- whether a citizen N. died in Moscow on a certain date.
- establish occupation of the deceased.
- check whether the deceased was not seen in violation of the law.

The main issue was the first. A feature of the investigation was necessary, first, to get at least one official document, and secondly, to investigate at least three sources, and in the third - to keep within three weeks. In support of the investigation, the customer is sent a copy of the death certificate, proof of insurance and a certificate from the morgue. The insurance company is forbidden to interview relatives (mourners).

As a result, the customer was offered the following plan of investigation:
- find and interview the neighbors;
- find and interview the district police;
- interrogate GP Polyclinic;
- to receive a written response from the Migration Service.

In a survey of two neighbors in the stairwell of the deceased was established profession (teacher), and received information characterizing his personality. The local police confirmed that in respect of the deceased no cases (administrative, criminal) is not excited, the complaints of the residents of the building have been reported. The district hospital found out that the medical records of the deceased in the registry is missing, and the local doctor could not remember that the patient was in good health. I prepare a written request to the Migration Service Tishinka. Here, it should be noted that information on the death of a citizen may be transferred only to close relatives upon presentation of a death certificate. 

To circumvent this limitation, I did not indicate in the request that H died, and formulated a statement like this: "... ask to provide information about the address of residence of a citizen N. I agree that the information referred to me the statement will be transferred to the citizen N." Two weeks later, I received an official response on the form of the FMS as follows:

Report search information in relation
Citizen (full name), date of birth
does not seem possible,
removed from the register (date of death) in connection with the death.
Signature Date

Information on the date of death mentioned in the reply FMS match the data provided by the insurance company. As a result, I prepared a report, which has consistently responded to questions with links to sources (neighbors, the local police, the local doctor).

To report attached scan response of FMS. Customer report adopted. October 21. 2014