Identification of the owner of the TV channel

Identification of the owner of the TV channel

Detective was instructed to conduct a private investigation to identify the owner of the TV channel. Name of the TV channel repeats the trade mark of the customer. The peculiarity of this particular investigation was, at first, in an acute shortage of time, and, secondly, that the procedure of registration of the television show had just been completed, although the announcement of the transfer came much earlier.

According to a patent attorney, accurate and complete information about the owner of the TV channel will allow him to correctly build defense strategy.

It must be stressed that the trademark was present only in the name of the channel. Direct mention of a trademark on a new TV show online, including on the goods, the owner was not. As the only carrier orienting information about the name of the owner could only be advertising.

From the experience of the investigation of such cases we can say that the main source that can share information about BIN advertising department of the company is less and the legal department in the organization of the offender. At the initial stage of the investigation the private detective entered into correspondence with the Department of advertising, since it is through this structural division is likely to get a sample of the contract with details of the seller.

However, in this case, the marketing and advertising department acted very prudently. And this was his explanation, as later became clear that, firstly, advertising telecast began long before its official registration as a media and secondly - since the registration of the company in the Unified been only one or two days, and the lawyers apparently taking into account the possibility of accusations of illegal business channel in no hurry to inform advertisers about the details of the owner of the TV channel. As a result, the marketing department received oral instructions from the legal department: do not take new clients, projects, new contracts sent without details.

Some time later, after the detective received a response from the marketing department, on his desk lay the same draft treaty - no details. Unknown to the detective managed in such a way to achieve a positive result until the happy event turned up, and from the most unexpected quarter. On the third day private investigation detective received an official invitation to the presentation of advertising opportunities that same channel. It is remarkable that now advertising the invitation contained in abundance trademark customer. When you visit a closed presentation of the detective was able to get the full details of the owner of the TV channel directly from the hands of the chief of the legal department.