Identification of anonymous

Identification of anonymous

In one case, it required to establish the identity of the tenant of the apartment. One of the main features of the rental housing stock is the reluctance of the owners of apartments register the contract of any regional tax services, or in the local police station, as a result, information about the tenants in the information databases of Internal Affairs, local house management, etc. are simply not available.

The consequences of the current negative practices are often quite unpredictable, both for homeowners and for the tenant.

In our case, the client has come to the detective with a rather unusual request. With his words, he had already received several days on a mobile phone strange calls. Some guy without sounding at all, and without saying a word, but only breathing heavily into the phone regularly caled from a landline. Since the phone number attacker has been identified, the detective effortlessly able to set the address of the apartment where the landline number was registered. After questioning the neighbors on the landing, the detective found out that a month ago in this apartment settled respectable family.

The detective called on to determine home phone. On the call said the woman who had the grandmother only grandson in the family. An elderly woman told the detective the family structure, place of work and study each of the family members. Since customers to make calls to a man about twenty years, and in the checked the apartment lived only one young man, the detective suggested that the "silent calls" were committed by the grandson of an elderly woman. After a telephone conversation with the objective young student assumptions detective confirmed, and calls to the client is no longer received.

Case Studies

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