Collection of documents

Collection of documents

It so happened that the bankruptcy Mirax rather that looming unfavorable times for customers builder Moscow City I learned sooner than perhaps even its staff. About a year before the start of the known events I was approached by client who is dissatisfied with the progress in the construction of the house where he bought the apartment, I decided to collect documents to go to court.

I must say that the unifying factor for such situations is usually what client software - let's call it a familiar word "interest holders" - often does not bother to formalism in relations with "proven" reserves developer or formalities "for later." As a result, when it is time to gather the necessary evidence, and specifically, to present to the court an investment agreement or a preliminary agreement, the receipt of payment the client begins to understand that nothing in this list does not have. Needless to say that the developer, understanding the complexity of the situation to help the client to collect the documents are not interested.

Thus, the customer goes to the detective, and puts through a lawyer task - to collect the documents, which he unwisely refused to buy the apartment.

Detective previously phoned the manager of the construction company and come for talks. The atmosphere of emptiness and tension prevailed in the rooms of the company. In preliminary talks the manager immediately offered to reduce the cost of the project from 15 to 10 million. Rubles. On the proposed conditions it was difficult to disagree, and negotiations quickly moved to the design of contractual relations. There detective asked one of the conditions to collect all the documents, and laced and stamp of the company. Note the working day was coming to an end, going to the office for the weekend, this fact played an important role in the further development of events. While I was having dinner, the manager prepared three copies of the contract and presented plump stitched numbered and stamped two folders - for an apartment and an underground garage.

Not without its oddities. Before entering the dining room called me and asked attorney client privilege the investigation. The time and place it seemed to me not very comfortable so I quickly gave up after hearing the question "to work." As it turned out later, the manager overheard our conversation cafe. After lunch at the elevator waiting for me, four men with faces of security officers. One of them asked where I was going and for what purpose. I replied that I had come to sign the contract, and can not remember the floor office, where my manager. Security kindly helped me to find the button on the elevator and I quickly withdrew.

"Run and shoot" - seems to be so called investigative tactics of the British secret service. In short, after dinner, I was for the documents and promised to return soon with money. That evening the cashier I did not wait for ...