Check counterparty

Check counterparty

In summer 2008, addressed to the detective agency "Continental" with a request to check its future business partner - a company "Liverti." From the conversation with the client, the detective found out that the company "Kantinental" due to the current unfavorable market conditions for the seafood for a few weeks actively looking for a reliable supplier.

Attention principal attracted advertising company "Liverti" which addressed through specialized directories, proposed wholesale fresh-frozen sea fish. This "Liverti" insisted on 100% prepayment. During telephone conversations with the "supplier" firm "Kantinental" found that "Liverti" has an office, a warehouse, the reputation of a reliable business partner and an important advantage over other suppliers - a "window" - that is, provided a large trading network guaranteed the opportunity to receive the goods "is not in the queue."

Given the low wholesale price of the firm's management "Kantinental" decided to conclude a contract of supply, but a prerequisite for checking the reliability and integrity of the business of the future supplier. Gathering information on a detective business partner of the principal left no doubt of malice will "Liverti."

The detective found out that although the company "Liverti" faithfully kept accounting records, she had no office, no transport, no warehouse, no fish. Controls "Liverti" were presented to the director acting by proxy person who has lost the passport, which, incidentally, in the course of follow-up survey belittled not to sign any agreements.

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