Buying boats

Buying boats

Patent attorney asked the detective with the request to conduct a private investigation to obtain information on the use of company "System 24" notation WALNAVAGA in respect of goods of classes 12 and 19 in the last 3 years in Russia.

In the production of the investigation it was found on the Internet site of the company, which was published information on the production and sale of water vehicles. Through a hidden poll director general of the detective found the order of purchase of boats. The matter has not been considered in court.

Case Studies

KRIONI detectives at the Skolkovo Innovation Centre

On 19 September 2019, the Skolkovo Innovation Centre hosted IP Academy, an international educational conference on intellectual property, where KRIONI detectives delivered a special workshop entitled “How IP agents and detectives collaborate to gather evidence and documentation on the illegal use of trademarks”.[...]