A failed test purchase

A failed test purchase

The patent attorney instructed the detective to take place in one of the Moscow organization of the test purchasing counterfeit tiles.

It was found that the organization is only wholesale, so the order was complicated by the desire to acquire the guarantor only two or three tiles. On the basis of the data obtained it underwent surgery, which otherwise can not be characterized as a failure.

At first, the director of the offender flatly refused to sell a small number of tiles. Finally, when the director seemed gone for concessions, a new circumstance - tiles donate, ie without supporting documentation. As instructed a lawyer would be considered fulfilled if a product will be able to receive the financial and economic documentation commercial transaction, namely offer, invoice, signed the contract, then the detective asked for time to agree on the "gift" to the "head of the organization."

Still suspecting something was wrong, Detective, without delay, tried again to conduct a transaction, but is not directly contacted with the director and the manager of the sales department. What a surprise it was the detective, when the first sentence of the request to buy a small number of the most tiles manager rudely asked not to call, because he knows that it is pursuing its caller, whom he knew as a lawyer of the company - the legal owner of the trademark, IA AT. Belousov.

It turned out that a couple of months ago, the company got into the field of view of the organization of the right holder, the legal department is in the person of its leader Igor Vladimirovich Belousov sent a formal complaint to the offender demanding an end to the production of ceramic tiles under a certain trademark. Such circumstances detective must take into account before getting involved in the case and not upon their discovery.