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A Certificate of Participation endorsed by Ms E.R. Rossinskaya (Kutafin Moscow State Law University) How to prevent recurrence of errors in Forensic analysis [2018]
Certificate of an expert A framework for Forensic analysis [2018 - 2021]
A thank-you note from Kutafin Moscow State Law University (MSAL) to CEO [2018]
Income certificate from the place of work [Jan.2006 - Jan.2016]
A thank-you note from RF Investigative Committee to CEO for professional service
A thank-you note from GU MVD Counter-terrorism to CEO for professional service
Certificate of an expert in intellectual property [2013 - 2019]
Certificate of registration with the tax authorities (INN certificate)
Certificate of Record in the Uniform State Register of Individual Entrepreneurs
License for detective practice nr. 11108 is issued on March., 2018, by the decision of the The National Guard of the Russian Federation, valid until March., 2023
License for private detective practice nr. 3392 [2003 - 2018]