Differences in product labeling and packaging

Differences in product labeling and packaging

The patent attorney instructed the detective to check whether the offender continued to sell counterfeit video player model, and if so, make the check to purchase and collect documents confirming the deal.

An analysis of the price lists of organizations revealed that the company continues to sell counterfeit goods.

After payment and when it is received in the presence of the storekeeper it was found that the product labeling does not correspond to the marking on the package. Product is in stock was in a single copy in a computer-based management, he was listed as a single copy.

Since the product was not in stock, the detective demanded the money back. The case the court did not commit.

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Criminal proceedings were launched

коронки.jpgCriminal proceedings were launched for offences under article 147, paragraph 1 (infringement of invention or patent rights)[...]